High Performance Carbon Fiber Composites

How DexCraft's product is beneficial for industries?

The advent of DEX craft has revolutionised the automotive industry as the company provides high-quality Carbon fiber sheets for manufacturing modern cars. In addition, the product is used for making wheelchairs and creating interior décor. The composites made from carbon are not only lightweight but also durable as they support varieties of applications.

The company also creates carbon coasters boasting of premium quality. In fact the material used in the creation of the products is also deployed in designing racing cars right from Ferrari to Lamborghini. Coasters are useful as a top for any glass or wooden table. They supplement the appearance of the furniture and make it more appealing to the guests.

Carbon fiber fabrication is known to create scuba diving equipment. It is used because the back plate made from the material is light weight. People can tie it at the back and jump into the water. Since the weight is less, you would not practice discomfort during the diving process. In spite of exhibiting a thickness of 3mm, the carbon fiber is 7 times lighter than steel, however, it packs huge strength.

Since composite is a monolith substance, it can easily withstand the severe water pressure that increases with depth. Cutting and resizing of the material is performed with the help of CNC machine. As a result, the manufactured product is chiselled with impeccable accuracy.

DEX Craft has 7 years of experience in processing the carbon fibers right from scratch. The quality delivered by the experts is second to none as the material is sourced from the highest grade category.

Carbon sheet of 4 mm thickness is also available in the inventory system. It is made with the help of vacuum technology that increases the stiffness of the metal by as much as 30%. As far as the top layer of the fiber is concerned, it emits mirror like a gloss and makes the product appear extremely exclusive.

One of the most important benefits of using the fibers produced by DEX Craft is that it is free from the micro-bubbles that may crop up when the whole process is carried out manually.